#Blog Squad

  1. What time did you go to bed last night and were you alone? At about 8’ish. Nope, Dominic was in lala land and invited me, LOL.  Hubby was busy prepping for something *secret


  1. If you could be given ANY gift what would it be? The gift of time, in reality, travel bags 😉


  1. What was the last film that really moved/disturbed/thrilled you and why? Bwhahaha, who still have time for movies? I cannot even make it through a series episode, we pause so many times that we watch it in little increments…


  1. What is your favourite TV show of all time ie. you’ve seen them all, can watch it over and over again and quote lines from it? The Middle


  1. Whats your favourite way to wake up and whats the first thing you do? Wake up to the smiling face of my little dude. Well first thing I do is go to the loo, LOL, then pack lunches, pack Dominic’s bag, make his bottle, make breakfast, load the washing machine, program that for the afternoon, pack Dominic’s night bottles in the dishwasher and feed the little man, then round two starts when hubby comes back from his morning duties.


  1. What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name? I always loved the name Celeste, but if I look at it, I like my name, its original and it suits me J


  1. If you had to do a bushtucker challenge (you have to eat insects/grubs etc) what would be the worst thing you had to eat? Oh hell no!! I would lose the first round…


  1. Whats the worst/most embarrassing CD/Album you’ve ever owned and do you still have it? I cannot really remember…I think I had a Barbie girl CD, I love music, all kinds, so don’t really find anything embarrassing.


  1. What would be your dream vehicle (bikes, cars, boats, bat car and millenium falcon is allowed!)? Seeing that I am getting so many speeding tickets of late, very obviously something fast, in real life though, a mommy mobile!! I love big cars that you can pack your kitchen sink if you want to.


  1. Whats your favourite way to spend a Friday night? Being at home, chilling with hubby and the boy, and then reality kicks in, and I would say, get the cleaning done on Friday night, so you have the weekend to yourself, or part of the weekend, need one day for cooking for the week.


  1. What characteristics do you dislike in yourself? My temper, and my sarcasm when you’ve pissed me off.


  1. Your favourite item of clothing and why? My pj’s from Woolies, there is just nothing better than loose fitting softness and fluffiness.


  1. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be and who would it be with? Zanzibar again, I cannot wait to one day take Dominic there, he is a water baby like his mommy, and when he is old enough, I would love to go explore the reefs with him.


  1. If you could have any animal/creature, what would be your ultimate pet be? I love my doggies, and the Minx, so nah, no exotic animals for me thanks.


  1. What did you want to be when you were little and do you think you ever will be? I wanted to be a secretary or teacher, I might pursue my teaching dream, one day.


  1. Whats the next planned event you’re looking forward to in your life? *that’s a secret for now 😉


  1. What were you doing before you started this? Doing monthly recons, blah.


  1. What was the last thing you ate that you really shouldn’t have? Hmm…pizza last night, but it was delicious!!


  1. If you were an ice cream what would you be? A white and pink soft serve.


  1. Who was the last person you spoke to that you didn’t want to talk to? My boss.


  1. What was your favourite toy as a child . . .and now? My Barbie dolls, I used to play for hours on end, even waking up in the middle of the night when my parents were asleep, just to play with it. Right now, does a game on your phone count?  I see a trend here, but it’s also a middle of the night treat, colour by numbers.


  1. What are you really afraid of? This country, some idiot hurting my baby boy. Losing my little family.



Baby’s Birth Story

Thank you Louisa and Helen for kicking my butt into gear 😉  I have to write this before I forget.

So let’s start on the day a week before I went on maternity leave.

The 27th of October 2017, it was a rough day at work, between a mix of preparing for month end, training the new guy, trying to get everything done and sorted before I go, it was rough and by the end of the day I battled to walk, I was in so much pain.  I’m usually not a (feel sorry for me when I’m in pain person) but this was hectic, there was a few weeks building up to me battling to walk, this day was just bad.  We went to Makro after work for some reason, I cannot remember what we needed to get from there, but halfway in the parking lot walking to Makro I almost collapsed from the pain, trying to push through is not a good idea, so we went home, chilled on the couch a bit and the cramps and pain subsided.

I had an appointment that next week Monday, mentioned it to the dr and he also confirmed it is very likely just overexertion.  The next week felt like it dragged by, I was shuffling through the week at work and could not wait to go, in my head I RAN out of there on that Friday.

The next week, after our appointment at the beginning of the week I noticed that baby is not moving much, not even when I had his favourite snacks and drinks, so on Wednesday, off to the dr we went, did a stress test, had a few contractions, but dr seemed to not be too worried and booked another one for Friday.  He told me to pack my bags in the car just for incase, but we would try push it and see how baby is doing.  Did another stress test on Friday, more contraction and his heartbeat was a bit irregular, so we were there for quite a while, while being monitored but in the end got sent home to wait it out, he was on speed dial for the weekend 😉

Monday, another stress test done early in the morning and then his words, “Are you ready to meet your baby today?”  My heart felt like it was going to bounce out of my mouth, a mixture of excitement, being scared and in shock was all mixed into one, all I could get out was “OK”, hubby asked all the questions, handled everything and off to the maternity ward we went.

We initially booked a private room, but the room would only be available at 11, so we waited in a 2 bed room while filling out all the last stuff we needed and waiting for little one. He was monitored all throughout, and while waiting there was another few contractions, this baba wanted to come out!!  We let all the family know and waited for what felt like forever…

We were finally sent to our room at midday sometime, settled in and they started prepping me for theatre.  The nurse got a fright, not sure what she did, but the drip somehow sprayed blood all over the room, the bed and on her, hubby went out to go change and when he came back, came back to what looked like a crime scene, LOL.  Anyway, crisis diverted, drip in, all good, the guys came to fetch me and off we go to the theatre.

The theatre was quite a distance away, as my dr did not want to use the maternity ward theatre for some reason.  We got settled in there, lost all my dignity with my butt showing off and everyone seeing ALL of me and my fat and baby glory…

Then came the moment I dreaded for a very long time, getting an epidural.

The dr did his first injection, all went fine, to numb the area, he started his first poke, could not find what he was looking for, told me he will have to try again, poked again, told me the same thing again, poked again…this went on for a while, 4 pokes later, I was so close to crying that I just asked for a little break.  We all took a breather, he tried again and finally found what he was looking for and could inject.

They started prepping me further, I shaved at home, so no dry shaving for me thank you very much, they cleaned me up, and my dr came in, I knew this was the moment and all the drama leading up to it was forgotten.

A few moments later the curtain went up and they starting their cutting and kneading 😉

What felt like forever, but was actually just a few minutes, we heard the world’s most beautiful sound there ever is, and about a minute or two later, my quite clean beautiful boy was there screaming at all of us for taking him out, I have watched the video that hubby took, and he was screaming already the moment his mouth was out, body still in my tummy, off he went for all his checks, he had a 8 out of 10 on his APGAR check and all was well with our little dude, he quietened down and was looking at the new world like he could see and understand everything going on.

After his checks they brought him over to mommy, I could just kiss that face up, even though I was still in hectic shock that this little body just came from me, LOL, I think even now 5 months later we are still in shock about it.

All was well and mommy and baby were wheeled off back to maternity, on our way back, MIL and SIL met us in the waiting area, brand new baba and cut in half mamma, daddy was rolling and patrolling baba back to the ward, so they followed in a separate lift, I told you NEVER leave his side for one minute 😉 Baby boy was in the baby nursery for about an hour or so and then starving!!  Our breastfeeding journey began, but this is a story for another time 🙂

I might have forgotten a few details here and there, but luckily hubby took videos and lots of photos, so I have a lot to relook back at.


One Day

LOL, life is crazy busy, but loving every minute of it, cannot believe that March is my last month of maternity leave, I have no idea how I am going to drop this little body off and leave him in someone elses care.

I have gone a hour or two out alone while daddy took care of his boy, the two of them caught up on a lot of sleep 😉 but never a full day without him, my heart aches just thinking about it.

I still want to write about his birth and what led us to the crazy time of the dr asking me do you have your bags here?

I cannot believe this little dude is 3 months old already, he is such a happy chatty little guy and those little legs and arms are super busy!!

He is here…and already 2 months old!!

Baby boy was born on the 13th of November 2017, at 14:38 in the afternoon, measuring at 53cm and weighing 3.27kg (tall and skinny) and very nosey 😉

It came as a bit of a shock to the system as we planned for him to come on the 17th but the week leading up to his birth day was ridden with worries so his surprise birth day was all good.

I will write about that a bit more when I have time, for now I am soaking up the time with our little miracle.

Please follow my Instagram or Facebook account for his pictures or I will update here soon enough 😉  there is just quicker 🙂

33 Weeks 2 Days

Sjowee, the last time I posted was almost 10 weeks ago, we have been so, so busy, with work, home renovations, more work, family and getting baby boys stuff.

Baby boy is doing really well, was almost 2.5kg at our scan last week.  We had a bit of a scare 2 weeks ago, my hands started itching like crazy and just would not go away, did an emergency blood test for obstetric cholestasis, and then another follow up with our scan last week, all is good, was so relieved to hear those results.

I also started getting those horrible Braxton Hicks contractions last week Friday, but it has since gotten much lighter and mostly gone.

Baby’s room is done, hubby painted it with a fresh lovely colour, putting a new door this weekend, we put a ceiling fan in there and all his furniture was moved in this weekend, I just still need a compactum for his room, which we will hopefully find this week.  You must follow my FB or Instagram for the photos, and also videos of our busy little body 😉

Shame, poor hubby has been super busy, he’s been renovating, running the house and looking after me, the 1st trimester nausea has come back, combined with exhaustion, not a very good combination, but we push through.  Only have 4 weeks at work left and 5 weeks till little man comes.

I decided to not have a baby shower at home, too many issues with the family, they are having one at work for baba on the 20th.

We went on our hospital tour on Saturday, things are starting to get very real now, and my file is ready for when we book in, we are looking at private rooms rather than semi-private, medical aid will only cover the semi-private L but we looking at it, will be so much better for a private room, I don’t do well with other people, LOL.

Other than that…it is our 8 year anniversary next week, pity it falls on a week day, we are both so tired after work that we just want to go home and sleep, LOL, not like there is money to do anything anyways 😉

Work has been crazy, we’ve been doing a ton of interviews for my position, I am off for the 4 maternity leave months, and then had enough leave saved for a full month of leave, but it is so difficult to find someone, they still have not made a decision, but I am not going to stress about it, I am finishing off on the 3rd of November.  Cannot wait.  We also have the auditors here, that together with year end has me so drained and tired, that my patience level is at an all time low, I know this too shall pass, I am just tired right now, LOL.

I have completely forgotten what else I wanted to talk about…losing my mind these days…

Anyways, hoping to update again before little man is here…

Little Boy Update

We are going for our 24 week scan on Monday, cannot wait!  Time is flying by like you cannot believe.

We have been very busy with house renovations, one piece at a time, it costs a lot of money and time, so the things we needed to get done was absolutely necessary.  Now comes our little ones room next, cannot wait to start with the painting and decorating, I already have a plan in mind of what I want for his room, so it’s all about just putting it together.

Poor Google must see our profiles and think “OMW here we go again” we have done so much research on EVERYTHING to make the best decision, but I am glad we are, there are so many gadgets on the market that you have to see if it will work for you and if it’s the best of what you can afford.

We bought him a camera monitor for his room the other day, cannot wait to be staring at that sweet face in the middle of the night.  I also bought this bib from Checkers, with “Tie” stickers that you can stick on and take a pic of his monthly birthdays leading up to a year, for those who follow me on Instagram, I apologize now already for the overflow of photos 😉

There’s been some issues with family surrounding my baby shower and some other stuff, but I have long ago decided not to give them “air time”, it is very sad, but I suppose that is life.

Daddy felt baby move for the first time on Tuesday night, baby has been very busy since Tuesday, loving all the kicks even when it feels like he is using my bladder as a jumping castle, and it is the cutest thing.  When me or daddy put our hands on my belly he gets all shy and either give small kicks or don’t kick, so it was very special when he gave his daddy a thump 😉

Mommy is doing well, just battling with hectic heartburn and reflux, and my body thinks that sleeping is for old people, if it’s not getting up to go to the loo, it is having to turn and rearrange the pillows (I have a pillow fort around me), then just when you get comfy, you realize you need the loo again.  I love this experience, every minute of it, and cannot wait to meet our little man, keep growing well baby, cannot wait to see you again on Monday 🙂



Jellybean ‘s Birth Month

Our first baby, our first little miracle would have been born this month, the due date was the 28th of July 2017, taken away way too soon, but we know and trust that that everything in life that happens, has it reasons, we might now always understand, but we have to have hope and trust.

The road has not been easy, still think of baby every day, and where we would have been now in our journey, and then you feel a little kick from the inside, to remind you that you have a little life to celebrate.

Sometimes it feels like people forget about that baby, I understand that they are excited about our little boy coming, but I do still feel the hurt and pain left by the passing of our first angel, I know people will never get that, and it’s fine, but every once in a while when someone does acknowledge baby, I want to cry from appreciation, cause that baby did exist, he/she was real, the hurt left by that baby’s passing is still real.

People very easily tell you to move on, focus on what you have now, yes, it’s very easy to say that, but to forget about the raw pain left behind is not so easy.

Jellybean will always be my first baby, my first baby love, and I will never forget him/her, the pain has gotten better, and does by each passing day, but there are moments that it still overwhelms you.

Every time our little man kicks he reminds me that he is here, he is real and he is ok, the fear of losing him is strong, but I trust that God will keep him safe for the rest of his life, and the date he is destined to meet us in the big world, he will be ok.  He is our little blessing, our saviour of our hearts, he has mended the pieces of our broken hearts.

Moving and Grooving

So my dearest little one, I felt you move for the first time on Saturday the 10th of June 2017, at about 1PM.

You had your fur little sister Roxy on my tummy (we were at the vet) and all of a sudden I just felt this weird sensation of a little fish swimming, I thought it was her tummy, so I lifted her, and felt it again.

From there, I have been feeling you quite a few times when I sit still.

This morning, I could see that you are really not a morning person like your daddy, you only started moving at about 8, best way to put a smile on your mommy’s face while at work 🙂

I have been waiting forever and ever to experience this, cannot wait to see what comes next and feel you even more.

Baby is a …

We went for our 16 week scan yesterday…

Our little one is growing so well, measuring 4 days ahead of its time!!

We could also confirm the gender and baby is a BOY!!

He is still a little busy body, yesterday it actually looked like he was punching the scan wand thingy (I have no idea what you call that) away, he’s got long little legs already and just the perfect little being.  It is so wonderful seeing him thrive and grow and I cannot wait to feel those punches and kicks we see on the scan.

He is our perfect little blessing, there are moments when all the emotions of it all just overwhelms you, we have waited so long for this little busy body and have gone through hell and back, but here we are, truly blessed beyond words.

My heart wants to explode from happiness!!

Baby Update

It feels like ages since we found out, it’s been an adventurous few weeks which felt like forever, but yet, here we are, at the 12 week mark.

We saw our busy little peanut yesterday.  LOL, everyone who’s seen the video have asked if I had a sugary drink or chocolate before I went, because this little one was so busy on the scan!  I love that we can share the video with family and friends.

There’s been spotting, there’s been nausea, extreme tiredness, some extreme nausea and extreme boob soreness, but I am loving every minute of it and don’t find myself complaining about it.

Current cravings are spicy foods, anything sour, tomatoes every day, and we seem to like meat (steaks).

Current despises, Oats, well caramel oats to be exact, I was in the mood for it, bought it, had a few bites and it ALL came out, baby does not like sweet stuff AT ALL.  I also still cannot stand chicken, the smell, the look anything to do with chicken, I have to run out the door, does not help when colleagues have chicken for lunch nearly every day.  Oh and soup also makes my stomach turn.

I have been battling with a bit of a bad flu which has attacked my chest, at night it gets really bad or when I am in an airconned room, doc gave Expigen the all clear to have, but I still try to only take at night.

Other than that, all is well with our little bean, growing very nicely and healthy 🙂

Our little bean/peanut/baba 😉

Baby 1.PNG

Baby 2.PNG

Baby 3.PNG

And then…dr had his suspicions about this pic…which when you look at it looks quite obvious, but we will confirm with the next scan 😉


I can still not believe that we have been blessed with this little person growing inside of me, seeing it grow from a little blob to a moving, kicking and even stretching tiny little baby has been an amazing experience and I cannot wait to see our little one grow more and more.